The Organic Pool

A organic pool is much more than the sum of the biological constituam. The pool is a site for contemplation, communication and imagination.


The Project

 The aim was to restore and expand an existing pool, putting it into the surrounding environment and that is appealing to our guests. The result was an artificial seaside lake with bio treatment, waterproofed with a plastic screen high quality. It comprises an area for the shower and another intended for purification of water by organic and mechanical processes. The Bio pool has a surface of about 220 square meters and a maximum depth of 2 meters. It is designed for a maximum capacity of about 30 users per day.


An organic pool is alive. It offers much more than just the chance to bathe in it.


Functioning of the pool

The Bio pool serves the water activity and even for ornamental purposes, maintaining a natural visual appearance and being the clearance of water also performed thanks to aquatic species it has installed. The used plants enrich the water by oxygen, a product of photosynthesis. Through this oxygenation, which benefits the bio-activity in the water (zooplankton), keeps transparent and clean water, quality of bathing water.

The plants used are native species of the region, respecting the Decree-Law 565/99. Plants are grown in a specialized nursery in the Algarve.

It is considered the lake as a new habitat for flora and fauna indigenous and protected wetlands, especially for amphibians. Thus the installation of the bathing lake plays a
important role to increase biodiversity in the property and offer possibilities for the observation of nature.


It changes the look with the seasons. It is different every day. It allows to get in touch with nature in an extraordinary way, diving with frogs, smelling the flowers of water lilies, delighting nature lovers and beyond.

Organic pool Bela Vista Silo Housing is a project written by Udo & Claudia Schwarzer Bio Piscinas company.


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