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Our main goal when starting this project was to present customers with something different and unique,going from typically agricultural components and turning it into something modern and harmonious.

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The idea for the project was quite daring, make two Agricultural Silos in modern housing, with the inclusion of new elements such as panoramic balconies, window and door openings, placement of a new roof and construction of an access platform. Our biggest concern during construction was to ensure that the final outcome was as much as possible like the architectural project, since the execution of the idea was complicated and required much preliminary study.

The end result were 4 bedrooms with panoramic view to 270º and great sun exposure, modern and super design embedded in the Farming landscape. The superior rooms each have two balconies overlooking the valley of Vilariça and the lower rooms have an access to an outdoor patio. Each room has a sleeping area and a seating area with table and banks in rounded wall, private bathroom. They are equipped with flat-screen TV, air conditioning, minibar fridge, coffee maker and microwave oven.

A short photographic summary of the construction.




20150306_154316 Quinta da Bela Vista-1720150306_154441 Quinta da Bela Vista-18

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