ENJOY the nature

Organic Swimming Pool

In Bela Vista Silo Housing, where the harmony between futuristic architecture and ecology merge to create a truly unique lifestyle, one of the gems is our stunning natural swimming pool, an oasis where the freshness of the water meets the serenity of nature.


Unlike traditional pools, natural swimming pools are designed to mimic natural water purification processes. Instead of harsh chemicals, we rely on a balanced interaction between aquatic plants, beneficial microorganisms, and mechanical filtration to keep the water crystal clear and healthy.

What is a Natural Swimming Pool?

Our natural swimming pool at Bela Vista Silo Housing is an example of ecological ingenuity. Water passes through a filtration system composed of layers of gravel, sand, and carefully selected aquatic plants. These plants not only add beauty to the landscape but also play a vital role in removing nutrients and oxygenating the water.

The microorganisms present in the biological filtration system decompose organic matter, keeping the water clean and safe for swimmers. Additionally, the absence of chemicals makes the swimming experience gentler on the skin and eyes, without compromising water quality.

Operation Mode

By opting for Bela Vista Silo Housing’s natural swimming pool, you’re not only choosing a more eco-friendly alternative but also committing to a lifestyle closer to nature. Enjoy refreshing dips in crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the lushness of a vibrant aquatic ecosystem.

Experience the Natural Charm